A Shift In The Marketplace & Why You Need To Know

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One of the more interesting and exciting shifts to come along in decades is happening right now!  We are currently bearing witness to a change in industry, a dramatic decentralization of power that offers all of us a multitude of opportunities.

In the past, large corporate entities such as publishing companies, newspapers and television networks ruled their markets with incredible influence and control.  But in today’s world of business the power has shifted from the few to the many.  You now have the ability to reach markets and people at a scale never seen before.  And this is due, in large part, to the continuous rise and expansion of the Internet and technology in general.

So what does this mean for our profession?  Quite simply it means we now have new and powerful opportunities to learn, share ideas, communicate, market our services and yes, even provide treatment.

Want an example of this so-called “shift in the marketplace”?  Let’s take a look at the publishing industry for starters.  Some of you out there may have published a book or articles in the past, and those of you who haven’t done so may be thinking that it is, at the very least, an extremely difficult and daunting endeveour.  Fifteen years ago you would have been correct!    And I would argue that those lucky enough to have published something in the past did not have anywhere near the resources and opportunities they needed for the publication to impact their careers.  At least not in the way it can impact you today.  And the reason why impact and reach was minimal years ago had to do with centralization of power and limited marketing channels.

But, surprise!  This is no longer the case.  Sure the traditional research and academic publication model has an important place in our profession.  But what if you have something of value to share and are looking to build credibility, market reach and a certain level of expertise in the field?  What if you’re not fortunate enough to be an assistant to a University professor?   Or what if you don’t want to work for $5 and hour for that professor to achieve your goal?

In today’s world the road to becoming a published author is quick, relatively easy and powerful.  Yes you still need dedication, hard work and good ideas.  But if you have all of these, I suggest taking an initial first step in the world of publishing by writing an article for one of the many online article publishers available today.

The benefits of publishing online can be tremendous, and one reason is that television reporters, newspapers, magazines, blog writers and such are scouring the web everyday looking for interesting, unique and quality content they can use.  Publishing online gives you entryway into this ever expanding information network and it’s a great way to build a name for yourself!

If you’d like to give this a try I suggest taking a look at one of my favorite online article publishers,

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