Get On Your Soapbox and Change Everything!

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Feeling a bit uninspired as of late?  Thinking about a change?  There are several things you can do to help and one worth serious consideration is Blogging.

Why blogging of all things you may ask?

Building an online presence through blogging is becoming an important and highly effective business growth strategy.   The benefits of doing so are too numerous to discuss here, but here’s a small list to start!

  • It sharpens your skills and builds expertise.
  • It helps crystallize your vision, message and career path.
  • It expands your network well beyond your local area.
  • It introduces you to new business opportunities and new people with like minded interests.
  • It gives you a highly effective marketing strategy.
  • It provides a platform for you to promote and sell your services and products.
  • It builds credibility that makes you more influential in the marketplace.

In short, if  you have something to say then by all means get out there and say it!   It doesn’t matter if you’re selling coffee, real estate or mental health services.  The opportunity to have a voice and build a following is available to you right now and it’s a lot easier to set up than you may think.

If your curiosity is peaked I suggest taking a look at these resources.  They offer free blog templates to get you started.  Simply click on these links to learn more about them.



Still unsure?

Let me introduce you to two people who offer great tips on how to start a blog and how to make an impact in the new World Wide Web.  Take a look and see if any of the messages and resources they offer can be incorporated into what you are passionate about!

The Art of Non Conformity

Chris Guillebeau is the founder of The Art of Non Conformity.  It’s a great blog site on so many different levels.  He offers a clear and engaging message and gives his readers immeasurable value.  It’s a great example of what powerful, value based marketing should look like!

Click here to view his blog: The Art of Non Conformity

Here are a couple free downloads from his website I feel are worth reading.

279 Days To Overnight Success (A great free e-book about blogging!)

A Brief Guide To World Domination (A fun free resource with helpful tips on how to live your passion.)

43 Folders

This is another fabulous blog by Merlin Mann.  Merlin knows how to build a loyal following that benefits him in numerous ways.  His website is a great model and teaching tool if you’re looking to make a big impact on the web.  In addition, his free resources and blog posts will be invaluable to you!

Click here to view his blog: 43 Folders

Take a look at this interesting resource from Merlin’s blog.  It’s an audio file of a training given by Merlin Mann and John Gruber.  They give you great tips on how to be a successful blogger.  Listen to it on your I-Pod as you drive to work!

Blog Training Audio File


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