Ten Marketing Ideas for Mental Health Professionals

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Are you looking to go full speed ahead with your marketing efforts but just aren’t sure where to begin?  Here are ten marketing initiatives worth considering.

➢    Build a network by getting yourself out there.

  • Volunteer
  • Join local area boards
  • Offer your expertise to county agencies
  • Participate in fundraising events
  • Check out United Way 211

➢    Leverage your existing network to help you build partnerships with key referral sources. Who can your friends and colleagues introduce you to?

➢    Join mental health social networking sites and be a valuable contributor. (e.g.,,

➢    Create a scalable Website

  • Offer a free resource you developed (e.g., e-book, fact sheet, resource list, research project) and share it with the world.
  • Demystify mental health by creating an online venue for open and honest dialogue.
  • Create a Twitter account and build a following.
  • Use email subscriptions & RSS feeds to capture people who might be interested in what you have to say and offer.
  • Consider a Blog instead of a website.
  • Hire a Search Engine Optimization expert to improve your sites visibility.

➢    Deliver a training or seminar and donate 100% of your earnings to a local area mental health initiative.

➢    Develop brochures & marketing materials that answer a customer need. Make them more than just a decoration or a self-serving tool that no one will read.

➢    Remember that Frequency & Relevance are most important when advertising. The frequency with which you advertise in a specific magazine and the relevance of that vehicle is far more important than how many places you choose to advertise in.

➢   Incorporate a “Call to Action” in all your advertisements and marketing materials. Are you asking potential clients to call for a free consultation or sign up for a free seminar?  How do you encourage action and build trust so you earn someone’s business?

➢   Work hard at becoming a true “expert” at one or two things and know those areas better than anyone! Niche markets rule in today’s market place.

➢    Do the work. Remember that passion combined with will and commitment wins out.



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