The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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In my mind, the power of giving has no peer.  Sharing your expertise and giving value to others will expand your network and presence in the field at an incredible rate.

Building trust begins a sales progression process whereby potential clients, referral sources and business partners learn to trust and respect what you have to say.  Once you’ve earned their confidence you present them with options to take action, and if they choose to act you offer additional value and assistance.  This repeated and genuine process of giving will more than likely be rewarded (e.g., a referral, sign up for initial session, registration to a seminar, word of mouth advertising).


And how do you earn someone’s trust?  You accomplish this by thinking of ways to help individuals, community organizations, and the like.  There are all kinds of ways to network and to market yourself, however, most of these efforts are meaningless and ineffective if you don’t offer genuine value.   Many marketing efforts and tools fall on deaf ears not because they aren’t useful but because they’re not linked to a process that’s focused on offering value and building trust.

Here are some examples that are lacking in the value department.

  • Showing up at “power” networking events and giving out your card to lots of people
  • Mass mailing your brochure
  • Dropping in to say hello to potential referral resources
  • Counting how many people follow you on Twitter
  • Tracking how many business friends you have on LinkedIn and Facebook

The networking that matters most of all is the kind that helps people in some way, shape or form.  At its core it involves helping people achieve their goals.

But the act of giving is not enough.  It must truly come from the heart.  It must be genuine.

I am relentless in this regard.  Some would say obsessed!  If someone is struggling with an issue or has a specific need, I will do whatever I can to help them even if it’s not directly within the scope of my work.  This benefits me in two ways.

  • First – I simply enjoy helping others.
  • Second – It makes me memorable.

If you need a resource I’ll do the research and find what you need.  If you’re in private practice and looking to expand your referral base then I’ll introduce you to some practices that will help generate business.  If you’re a new counselor who has just gotten out of graduate school I’ll spend time trying to help you break into the field.

You can make similar efforts!  A family might be in need of after school support for their child and you might know the perfect program or clinician.  Or maybe you have a new area of expertise you’d like to share by offering a free seminar.  You might even find time to help out a struggling state resource by volunteering your time and expertise.

And while you are doing so always remember:   Giving Gives Back!



  1. Arlene reid  June 10, 2009

    Great article. I agree totally. It is how I try to live my life. And when I am too busy or too important it is wonderful! Thanks for the reminder. Arlene

  2. Elizabeth  June 10, 2009

    I agree, No greater good can be accomplished than helping mankind, be it a child who struggles in learning or a neighbor needing their lawn mowed, or holding a door for someone and saying good morning.

  3. Michael Neboschick  June 10, 2009

    When we receive with the purpose if sharing we open to the light of our creator.

  4. Ryedenna Simon-McQueen  June 14, 2009

    I agree – giving only have returns. Often these returns come in unexpected ways – while carrying value and worth that is unforgetable. I attended the seminar with you and Barbara and the information you shared (gave) was of great value to me. Once we accept personal responsibility to act on what has been shared by others – results will follow.

  5. David Diana  June 14, 2009

    Thanks for all of your comments. It is a very inspiring and motivating idea that I know most people in our profession live by.

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