“Is There A Market For Your Idea?”

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Most business ideas I hear from mental health professionals sound perfectly plausible.  And while some of those ideas would benefit from specific marketing advice (e.g., clarifying business scope, identifying appropriate marketing channels, communicating a clear and compelling message, optimizing market reach), my experience tells me all of that is window dressing.

Sometimes the questions people ask themselves are the wrong one’s at the wrong time.

“Is this new idea based on something I’m passionate about?” Now that’s a much better question.  Don’t start by being practical, start by giving space to ideas that energize you.  Your commitment to these ideals will bring about a level of genuiness and depth that cannot be replicated.

Take a look at this short video clip by Gary Vaynerchuck.  I think he offers viewers some excellent advice.  My favorite: “…people don’t recognize that they have to go that low and wait that long.”

Linchpin: GaryVee from Seth Godin on Vimeo.

Don’t start from the premise of monetizing something.  Start from your gut.  One of the amazing things about markets today is the ability to have a voice – a powerful voice.  You have numerous options where you can share your expertise with others.  And when that expertise is the result of your passion for the subject matter it will find a place if you stay committed to the process.  Win in that arena, and you pave the way for even bigger opportunities.

A few years ago, a man named Chris Anderson wrote an excellent book called The Long Tail.  Chris’s book introduces readers to the power and importance of niche markets.  He argues that almost all of the growth today exists when you aren’t like most people.  In most cases, the narrower the niche the better.

Take a look at Liana Lowenstein.   She’s a therapist who enjoys working with children and their families.  More specifically, she enjoys finding new and innovative ways to help children.  This has resulted in extensive research and the production of several books on therapeutic exercises and creative interventions for children.  Liana plays to her interests, and as a result, she has become an original.  Her efforts are paying off tremendously with an online following of 7,000 strong, a booming practice and the creation of her own publishing company that empowers her to continue spreading her message.

“Is there a market for your idea?” If it’s something you love then you’re much closer to answering the question.  Your next step is to get out there and share the message.  Commit to a process not for the hope of hitting pay dirt, but because you believe in your message.

There are so many under-served markets out there that are not satisfied with what is being offered.  Why not serve them and see what happens?


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