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Where do you and I turn to find the information we seek?  Fewer and fewer are answering this question with a nod to the Yellow Pages.

In today’s marketplace, getting listed in local online business center directories is an absolute necessity.  There are more than half a billion local business searches on Google per month (e.g., “Therapist Los Angeles”) and the number will continue to rise.

This week, I spoke with the President of, Corey Quinn, about online business directories and why they are quickly becoming an essential tool for mental health practitioners.

At present, there are four large search engines offering online local business center listings: Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Best of the Web.  If you go to and enter your business name and zip code, you will be presented with a snapshot of those directories.  It’s a great way to see which search engines you are listed under.  In addition, provides you with links to access each of these directories so you can improve your visibility in the marketplace.

Below is a great video tutorial by that will help walk you through the process. If you are serious about getting more clients from the Internet, then watch this exclusive webinar.

Getting Listed in Google Local Business Center for Therapists from Corey Quinn on Vimeo.

This video is packed with information so I want to highlight a few key elements to ensure you take full advantage of these free resources.  The tips that follow will help ensure you are found often on searches, and that you will rank high when a search match is made.

1)    Entering Your Business Name: You may be tempted to use your name (e.g., David P. Diana) or a company name (e.g., “New Horizons”). recommends being as specific as possible.  A better business name contains three components: your name, practice type and location.  (Example: David P. Diana LPC, Couples, Adults, Depression, Anxiety, Charleston, SC.)

2)    Listing Description: You only have 200 characters so use them wisely.  Launch into your service offerings quickly.  (Example: Licensed Counselor in Charleston, SC treating depression, anxiety, and marital problems.  Weekend hours available.)

3)    Categories Section: Google gives you the ability to choose five.  Remember to use all five!

4)    Photos and Video: Both of these options add tremendous value and increase your ranking and visibility.  Google allows you to post up to 10 photos.  Research shows that pictures get far more traffic so include at least one photograph.  Videos are a powerful way to improve your rankings on search engines, and they are becoming easier to create.  Many computers have built in video software.

5)    Reviews: Once you set up an online listing I recommend you email colleagues a link to your listing and ask them to provide a review.  Listings with more reviews have a better chance of being visible on the first page of a search.  You can obtain your directory listing link by going to Google maps.  Type in your name and click on the “more info” button.  On the top right of the page there will be a “link” button, click on it to get the URL.  When your colleagues go to your listing, they can simply scroll down the page to the review section.

Thanks again to for providing this excellent video tutorial.  Be sure to take a moment to see how they can help grow your business.  Better than any online therapist directory, matches therapists with motivated clients based on personality type, communication preferences and therapy issue of concern.



  1. Carol Lawyer  February 16, 2010


    You are like a little angel that keeps offering the motivation to keep moving!

    I know it must all come back to you in some way! However, you are just always so fun to read!

  2. Lisa Holland  February 16, 2010

    Hi Davis, excellent information! yes, most everyone I know including myself, checks the web first.

    Just today, I sent out info about a program I’m doing in February and someone called me to register and said …”I thought that was you, I checked on line and it was.” I doubt she would have hunted down a phone book to do this.

    Thanks again for helping “us”change the way we do business for the better!

  3. Lisa Holland  February 16, 2010

    sorry hit the “s” instead of “d” David, that is!

  4. David Diana  February 16, 2010

    Thanks Carol and Lisa. Glad you enjoyed and thanks for sharing!

  5. mansi  February 17, 2010

    I am a therapist based in Kolkata, India and the profession here is very undeveloped. Thank you for your blog. It helps me market myself and remain up to date and motivated. I have created a google listing which I would not have known off had you not emailed on the subject. Please continue providing marketing tips etc. It is very helpful to us living in places where we are on our own.

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