When Markets Fragment

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“You have to excuse us,” Ailsa stated.  “Our Scottish accents can sometimes be difficult to understand.”

“Not at all,” I said. “I absolutely love your accents.  My all time favorite in fact!”

Marc, Ailsa and I laughed before launching into a discussion about a video idea I had for my upcoming book launch.  Thanks to Skype and Elance, I was now brainstorming with a young Scottish couple from across the pond.  We were discussing possibilities for a script and sharing documents and video samples back and forth in real time.  All of this happening free of charge.

Such is the realm of possibility in a world where markets have loosened considerably.  Fifteen years ago this discussion would not be taking place.  Not unless I were a movie mogul or working for a company with very deep pockets.  Yet here I was, connecting with freelance videographers from Scotland to talk about producing a cost effective video.  Marc and Ailsa were full of great ideas and talented (Contact them here and see how they can help you!  Here is the video they produced for a very modest fee.

The world is getting smaller.  We hear this statement so often it causes most of us to tune out immediately.  Yet it’s critical that we pay attention.  In spite of the poor economy, seemingly unfathomable budget cuts, and record job losses, we do not have the luxury to ignore the yin to this yang – the vast reservoir of possibility greeting us at our door on a daily basis.

As industries fragment, new opportunities reveal themselves to you and I.  This is important to note since the old model of “work” is no longer a safe bet.  It doesn’t mean we need to change our values, professional standards, or theoretical underpinnings.   It means we need to be open to new ideas and new ways of doing business.

And here is where it gets really exciting!  There are new ways to make a difference at a scope never possible in the past.  In many ways, we are limited only by our passion and our willingness to put in the effort.   You don’t need the “right” political connections, you don’t need to work for an organization because they have access to the “right” communication channels, and you don’t necessarily need large amounts of money.  You now OWN those communication channels yourself.

This transformation, where the power has shifted from the few to the many, can be applied to everything and anything you do in the profession.

You see it in action when a Toronto based therapist named Liana Lowenstein decides to go around the gatekeepers and start her own publishing company to help make her vision a reality.  Click here and take a look at the results.

You witness it when a young psychology researcher with University College London chooses to share his love of experimental psychology with people from across the globe.  As he works towards his PhD, he is using social media and blogging to build an incredible following of 26,000+ readers.  See his blog here: Psyblog

The realm of possibility is clearly evident when Laura Dessauer decides to give a voice to a particular movement within the profession.  She accomplishes this through the creation of a telesummit that brings 800+ mental health professionals together.  Her efforts have me wondering – Can you and I use a similar platform to help educate and support people who need our help?

You see the transformation when psychologist Michael Britt hosts his podcast, The Psych Files.  With its innovative use of audio and video, The Psych Files addresses a wide range of psychological issues in a fresh, engaging and highly accessible manner.

And finally, you see it when a talented and motivated young couple in Scotland follow their dreams and live their passion.  There are no boundaries, no markets they cannot reach.   And when this couple crosses paths with someone who is open to similar possibilities, they come together at a critical juncture – a place where amazing things happen.



  1. Carolyn  March 30, 2010

    i LOVE the video & LOVE the accents!
    well done to you all xxx

  2. Ruth Dombrowski  March 30, 2010

    You are awesome!

  3. Brenda M. Bomgardner  April 2, 2010

    I love the video. I need the book. I am starting my own practice in May when I graduate.

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