A Summer Story

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A pale green lizard is cooked by mistake, and worms become crust along the pavement.  And you?  You walk out into the heat of summer sapped of energy, hoping to fall off into a daydream.

And what’s stopping you?  Your colleagues and clients are in far off places.  There’s no one home.   Where do you find the motivation?  How do you push yourself to find new ideas and opportunity?

It’s hard.  Well…not the idea generation process.  That’s not really hard.  Giving yourself permission to have them – that’s hard.

Ideas are often dulled by tough critics, unreasonable benchmarks, and the almighty dollar.  Most ideas are thrown away before they ever have time to grow into something deliciously unexpected.

But we can still triumph.  In the midst of a sun-baked summer, we can get closer to opportunity by boldly pursuing our genuine interests.

We can be unafraid of our ideas and desires.



  1. Dan  July 13, 2010

    What a great bit by Seth – awesome and eye-catching introduction to an inspiration piece of work. Thanks, as always, David!

    I think I am going to go committ some bad ideas to paper!

  2. David Diana  July 13, 2010

    Anytime Dan. Be well and enjoy those “bad” ideas!

  3. Mary W. Hopkins  July 14, 2010

    Brilliant insight into what gets in the way of our taking even the first steps toward change. The question is – why do these negative, self-defeating beliefs seem to carry more weight with many of us than the belief that we can do more, be more, and have more? Perhaps even more important is – how can we overcome this tendency to rationalize giving up before we have even started? A client provided me with this quote which I hope will provide inspiration: “If you are going to doubt something…doubt your limits”.

  4. David Diana  July 14, 2010

    Great quote Mary. It is amazing how much more weight the negative seems to carry. I’ve seen it in private practice and in a variety of other settings. What is equally amazing is when you are able to break free of that. The energy can shift dramatically.

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