The New “Not Most People” List: Part 2

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This is part two of our Spring/Summer  “Not Most People List”.  And once again I’d like to acknowledge a few inspiring people who are walking their unique path with courage, genuineness, and conviction. 

Cheers to each and every one of them!

Stephanie Adams (On Forging Your Own Path)

I always wanted to be like Stephanie Adams.  It just took me a lot longer to get there!

Stephanie has the energy and passion I dreamed of when I left graduate school to begin my career.  Always inquisitive, curious, and smart as a whip – I was introduced to her via the world-wide-web.  I’d see her pop up in various online conversations, and was intrigued by what she had to say.  She’s a gifted writer with a rare ability to draw you into her world.  Whenever I catch a glimpse of Stephanie in a conversation online, I pause to read what she has to say because I want to know what she is thinking.

And while I slogged my way through graduate school, still trying to wash away remnants of adolescence, Stephanie was leading a cause and announcing her arrival.  She was grounded by a sense of purpose I found contagious.

At this point, I knew only Stephanie’s writing, but it was enough to tell me to keep on the look out for what she might do next.

She began defining a path during her graduate school internship days, where she learned the hard way about the rather large disconnect between formal training and life as a counselor in the real world.

Stephanie was frustrated by her internship experience and bent the ear of her supervisor about the need for better training and maybe even a book that would address the practical side of what it takes to become a professional counselor.  Stephanie’s supervisor turned to her and said, “Why don’t you write it?”

She started the book outline that very day.

Since then, Stephanie and her supervisor have put the finishing touches on a manuscript that could dramatically change the beginning counselor experience.  It’s an important work, and a great contribution to the field.

Stephanie continued to find new opportunities including a chance at being a contributing writer for the American Counselor Association blog, which gave her yet another platform to address the practical problems of being a counselor.

From there she and fellow ACA blog writer, Diana Pitaru, formed the Counselors and Psychotherapists Network of North Texas, a monthly group for counselor networking and support.   This led to the creation of her blog,  It’s a growing online social community created specifically for beginning counselors.

The blog has been gaining momentum and support from counselors across the United States and Canada.  It was recently featured in May’s Counseling Today magazine, and people have been spreading the word in graduate programs across North America.

Stephanie’s vision is for new counselors, as a whole, to become a force to be reckoned with.  She wants to offer a community experience where new therapists can support one another and stand firm on issues they believe in.

Stephanie’s latest venture has been launching her new e-therapy and consulting business at

I am always inspired by Stephanie’s energy and commitment to make a difference.  She is a new voice grounded in integrity, collaboration, and moxie within an admirable profession that needs more people willing to step off the boat!

{You can reach Stephanie at}

Corey Quinn  {On Connecting Others for the Greater Good}

Corey Quinn was looking for a therapist, and it was proving to be more difficult than expected.

Finding the “right” therapist is no easy matter, and for a time Corey went through a series of trial and error experiments that made it seem as if someone were filming a sitcom!

But as is often the case, challenge and struggle brings opportunity, and Corey was paying attention.  At the time, he was (and still is) VP of Business Development for a Search Engine Marketing Agency in Southern California.  He enjoyed his work, but a voice inside him whispered of opportunity.  “What if there was an easier way for people to find help?” Could he use his expertise in technology to offer an effective solution that would benefit therapists and potential clients alike?  If he were able to pull it off, it would be a benefit to both parties.  Corey went to work on his idea, and was born after ten months of late nights and long weekends.

Since that time, MyTherapistMatch has become one of the leading online search tools for people seeking mental health services.

Even more impressive is Corey’s proprietary survey tool that helps match people with the most appropriate therapist.  Corey teamed up with psychologist, Dr. Robert Dee McDonald, to create a survey based on 23 individually weighted criteria, including:

  • Preferred Learning Styles
  • Motivation Strategies
  • Perceptual Positions
  • Decision Strategies
  • Introversion / Extroversion
  • Preferred Orientation in Time

The survey matches people with up to 10 therapists based on how well they will get along with the therapist, in addition to the specific issues they are looking to address in therapy.

Check out their therapist matching survey and see how it works!

Corey has expanded his concept with the recent creation of his newest site,, and he continues to find ways to offer people the help they need.

His services have produced results for people across the U.S., and he continues to work hard to offer the best experience possible.

It’s worth noting that Corey went through the MyTherapistMatch process himself as a client and ended up connecting with a great therapist he continues to see today.  And in the words of the immortal Cy Sperling and his infamous Hair Club for Men, Corey is not only the founder, he is also a satisfied client.

{Learn more about Corey and his work HERE.}

Kathy Murphy, PhD (On Seeing The Possibilities in Us All)

“This work isn’t about changing; it’s about profound personal transformation.”
– Kathy Murphy

Spend 10 minutes with Kathy Murphy and you’ll walk away feeling as if you’ve just taken a shot of “feel good serum”.

Her energy is infectious because of her uncanny ability to sense and see the incredible uniqueness within everyone she meets.  If you’re looking for that rare opportunity to turn your dreams into reality then look no further than Dr. Murphy!  She designs programs that encourage you to dream and explore the possibilities within you, while utilizing a process that is grounded in principles that are tested and true.

Kathy is an author, teacher, speaker, life coach and professional counselor who began her counseling practice over 20 years ago not merely to support temporary change, but to truly transform lives.  She discovered early on that if you create the right environment for people to share, to allow their dreams to be explored, and to empower them with the tools needed to see what is possible, they will create and design the life they were meant to have: a life filled with possibilities!

Kathy has spent years researching and developing service models based on theses ideals.  And it is from this frame of reference that she is able to develop some incredible offerings that ignite a process of change and growth.

Here are just a few of her offerings:

The Women’s Weekend Retreat:

The Women’s Weekend Retreat is her signature retreat experience based on her “Your Possible Life Design Model” (A model she discsses in detail in her book, “Your Possible Life”). It is a weekend experience focused on taking time out of your busy life to reflect on who you are, what you need, and what you want. Her next retreat is October 14th-16th 2011.

Your Possible Life Transformation Group

Kathy’s “Your Possible Life Transformation Group” is one of the more unique offerings I have come across.  She offers a very small group of women a rich and powerful opportunity to explore and grow at the deepest levels possible for six months.  This is truly life changing!

All of Dr. Murphy’s work is a unique reflection of her courageous spirit, belief in the richness of each individual person, and her extensive educational and professional training.

This is her calling and gift.

More recently, Kathy published a powerful book titled, “Your Possible Life: How to Build the Life of Your Dreams”.  The book takes you through a process of reclaiming your deepest desires, dreams, and longings, and gives you a process for turning them into the life you want to be living.

Kathy Murphy is one of those people you meet along the way who launches your life in a direction of mythical proportions.  And like many hero journeys, it begins with a spark, a light of permission, or the acknowledgement of a lingering thought.  For Kathy, it often begins with a question.

If you could create the perfect life for yourself, what would it look like?

{You can learn more about her at or join her blog community.}



  1. Kathy Murphy  June 21, 2011

    Thank you so much. It makes it so much more special when the words come from someone that you admire and respect…and that you believe knows you…thanks, Kathy

  2. Atmah Ja  June 21, 2011

    Work is exciting when it opens our creative nature and fullest potential … Thanks for sharing about people walking to the beat of their bliss!

  3. David Diana  June 21, 2011


    It was easy to write about the work you do!


  4. David Diana  June 21, 2011

    Atmah Ja,

    Speaking of “walking to the beat of your bliss” – it doesn’t get much better than your gallery.

    Both you and Iamikan are living examples of that kind of spirit. Tell Iamikan I have the small postcard of his work, The Witness, in my home office to help keep me awake.

    Please share or tweet this with folks you know. I’m a big believer in getting this kind of energy out to people. Be well!


  5. Stephanie Adams MA LPC  June 21, 2011

    Thank you as well for the feature! I have been so impressed by the company I have been included with! What an honor. It’s been really energizing to see so many people passionate about their causes. Definitely going to have to read Kathy’s book now and sign up for MyTherapistMatch as well! What incredible stories they have.
    Thanks again David! I am tweeting and sharing as much as possible!

  6. Krylyn  June 22, 2011


    I’m a fellow ACA blogger and have enjoyed your posts there and on your blog…and absolutely love your “Not Most People” lists. In fact, I think you had featured Liana Lowenstein and I have since connected with her and one of my songwriting therapy activities will be featured in one of her upcoming publications this coming September. I also have seen a couple other names on your list pop up in more than one of my circles. It’s a small world. Keep ’em coming! One of my new goals is to make it on your list. 🙂 But I don’t know. Reading all these inspiring stories leaves me humbled (and quite frankly a little tired).


  7. David Diana  June 23, 2011

    I love your site Krylyn at Really well done and the niche is great. I downloaded your eBook, “How to Use Music & Sound for Healing” and am looking forward to reading it.

    Glad you enjoy the article and shoot me an email as it would be great to feature you in the fall edition!

    And tell Liana I say hello. She is just fantastic.


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