Crossing the Threshold

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Your work may be fine and your business running smoothly, however, it’s another matter altogether when you are building something extra ordinary.

I was doing market research recently and found that while there were an awful lot of people doing similar work, very few of them had crossed the threshold into something “special”. Their messages were unremarkable, watered down, unclear…typical. There was very little in the way of an “experience” or an emotional connection that would make a difference to someone looking for help.

This is great news for people looking to invest a bit more in their work and bad news for those doing good work.

In many ways, spending time reflecting on your work is like taking the hero’s journey. It requires commitment, self-reflection, and an adventure of mythical proportions. When you reflect on your work and commit to a process, you cross a threshold and enter a “special world”. You create a shift in energy that is challenging and eye opening. You’ll face self-doubt, outer resistance, and newfound insight along the path. However, if you stay with the journey you’ll return with the spoils of a Hero.

I find this model to be incredibly powerful both personally and professionally. You can map key business and marketing tasks to each of the phases along the journey. I use this expanded model to help people find their voice and path. It’s a great process to explore when building a brand that makes a difference.

This Fall I will be offering a Marketing Mastermind Group that walks each and every individual along this path (email me at if you’d like to learn more as it will be limited in size).

If you are feeling comfortable yet uninspired, listen to the words of John Steinbeck when he says,

“An ocean without its unnamed monsters would be like a completely dreamless sleep.”



  1. jim z  July 26, 2011

    David, just wanted to tell you how much i enjoy your newsletters.

  2. Brenda Bomgardner  July 27, 2011

    You group sounds fantastic. Traveling the hero’s journey is the way to embrace your own gifts of strength and wisdom born from facing your own pain and suffering. I wish you the best in filling your class.

    I believe self-efficacy is part of the journey. When someone has the belief they can bring about the change they desire they will put forth the effort to keep on keeping on.

    Kind Regards, Brenda

  3. Tamara G. Suttle, M.Ed., LPC  July 28, 2011

    David, what an exciting offering! Love it!

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