When Wrong Is Right

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I recall, years ago, driving down the highway and being intrigued by a well placed billboard advertisement for a company I never thought had the pockets or the chutzpah to place the ad. I was impressed and it made the company seem that much more credible in my eyes.

Friends mentioned the ad in conversations, and I marveled at the courage it took to go against the grain. The risk paid off and introduced the company to a completely different audience.

In spite of this company’s success, advertising has had its fair share of bad news. The power and reach of traditional media continues to plummet while the costs remain considerable. And yet, sometimes it is worth the effort.

Sometimes a product, service, or action is thought to be so completely lame that it becomes uber-cool. Sometimes, when you go against the norm, there is no one there to block your path or drown out your message. Sometimes you can surprise an audience and use that newfound intrigue to reach people who never would have crossed your path.

So yes spending money on a media buy is fools gold, unless it isn’t. Your challenge is to know the difference.

David P. Diana

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  1. Dan Franz  October 4, 2011

    What a great point David! When you make the right choice, you feel like a genius and reap the rewards. On the other hand, there are plenty of marketing and media lemons out there too!

    I think the best “easy buy” is your companies website – it’s adaptable, so you can always improve it; but it’s also important to go with the right initial design, or else it will be a complete flop, and there won’t be a reason, or audience, to adapt it for.

    Of course, for THE BEST in website design, I recommend Nicole with The David P. Diana group – I’ve had several websites for various businesses, both self-designed and professionally designed, but the work she did for me is by far the best of any of them!!

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