First Thoughts for 2012

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Marketing is a process.

And within that process, your efforts should center on creating a connection between you and your audience in a variety of different ways.This means that having and delivering a brochure is not marketing. Advertising is not marketing. A website – not Marketing, and networking is not marketing. If you think of these kinds of activities as stand alone entities – you will be frustrated. Marketing is an effective and unique combination of these and many other efforts.  When you find the right combination for yourself and your work, true success will take hold.

So as 2012 begins, I’d like to suggest that you consider taking on two high level goals.

The first is to find the right marketing combination for you and your business. There are so many options available from Search Engine Optimization, to online newsletters, and developing unique partnerships. Finding the right combination will depend on your unique circumstances and market.

The second goal is to commit to your plan! Two months ago, my 8 year-old son’s soccer coach entered the team in their first ever tournament. They found themselves completely overmatched throughout the weekend, but our coach was undeterred. He sat the boys down midway through the tournament and commended them for their effort. He encouraged them to keep moving forward, and then he said something I thought was truly amazing! He ended his talk by saying, You are all going to learn more about soccer today than you have in the past three years we’ve been together. It may not feel like it right now, but each one of you needs to understand that there are no shortcuts. This experience is important and necessary. Wow.

Remind yourself throughout the year that there are no short cuts. I don’t care what they tell you on the Internet! No, I don’t believe in the 10 steps to a six figure practice or an advertising campaign that promises to grow your bottom line by 100%. Marketing is an authentic process, not a set of generic magic tools.

As you walk your path, know that there will be moments when a great marketing effort will be followed by audience apathy and inaction. This is a great reality and truth that is rarely revealed or discussed. Do not take the bait and decide marketing isn’t for you. More importantly, do not give up on your dreams when you don’t hear the “applause”!

A study in Advertising Age revealed the top five factors that motivated a person to buy. Those top five were.

(5) Price

(4) Selection/Choice

(3) Customer Service

(2) Quality of what you offer

(1) Confidence in the business

Your commitment to your values, your work, and your investment in presenting a consistent message is what breads confidence.

Earn that confidence.


Happy New Year everyone!




  1. Kathy Murphy  January 10, 2012

    Excellent – as always. Stay the course, stay focused on who you are, what you have to offer, and keep moving forward. Got it. I need to be reminded often. thanks.

  2. Dan Franz  January 10, 2012

    Beautifully stated, David! What a great reminder!

    I think to often we caught up with the “latest and greatest” idea for marketing – the next “quick fix” – that we forget that true marketing, effective marketing, is a process and a plan. There is no quick fix, there are no immediate riches, but with a good plan and consistent adherence to it, marketing can amazingly effective.

  3. Krylyn  January 16, 2012

    David, thanks so much (as always) for your great reminders. It’s a process…journey, not destination!

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