The Other 8%

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We check our mail and toss out half of it without even a glimpse. We fast forward through commercials and play Pandora on our phones instead of listening to the car radio. And even then, we are inundated with marketing messages.

It is extremely difficult in today’s world of non-stop media to make a sale with marketing. In the past, you could buy an advertisement, mail brochures, earn a guest appearance on a local TV show and wait for the phone to ring. Today, these things might make you feel good and they may make you believe you’ve done all you can to spread the word, but don’t listen to that voice.

The smartest marketing is marketing designed to build trust and consent. It focuses less on the sale and more on relationships that matter.

Jay Conrad Levinson, the founder of Guerilla Marketing, estimates that at any given time:

  • 4% of people want to buy your service or product
  • 4% need to know one or two more things before buying (Remember this when you make only one phone call, send one email with no follow up, or timidly talk with a potential client.)
  • 92% just don’t care about you and what you are offering.

When you find one of the 92% folks, take a moment to thank them for their honesty – they are saving you time and money.

Focus your marketing efforts on the other 8%.  Be genuine, offer them unexpected value, build trust, and broaden the consent they gave you.

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