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Checklists, new projects, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, endless emails, expectations… Enough already!

Sometimes you just have to catch your breath and slow down or risk losing yourself in all of it.

If you need a moment of pause I suggest taking a quick look at an old post from a man named Leo Babauta.

You’ll note that he doesn’t think much of marketing (he describes it as disengenous). His point is a bit simplistic but the essence of it is important.

Marketing becomes valuable when you start from a place of genuine purpose. An authentic offering, stripped of any kind of agenda, can spread like wildfire when it finds the right audience.

This is marketing at its highest point.



  1. Aaron I Anderson  May 15, 2012

    This is a great reminder, David, thank you! Too often I see shameless attempts at marketing and feel like I have to ‘keep up with the Jones’s” and end up doing the same thing. This is a great reminder that disengenuous marketing is about as useless as mailers.

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