The Path Less Traveled

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Perhaps the truth depends upon a walk around the lake. -Wallace Stevens

I’ve taken quite a few walks around the lake over the years, and within that space, I’ve started to wonder:

  • When I make an effort to share with you, collaborate with others, and give of myself, am I really trying to connect? Or is it nothing more than a clever way of meeting my needs?
  • How much does re-tweeting, friending, and liking help me build a platform of significance?
  • When does transparency become narcissism?
  • How often do I become distracted by the next bright and shiny idea/opportunity?
  • Can living your dreams and being grounded in reality co-exist?

These are hard questions and the answers depend on the circumstances, which are constantly evolving.

Last week I received no less than 15 emails beginning with these phrases.

  • The single most important
  • Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to
  • Join my Webinar to learn the top 5
  • The secret steps to
  • Ten steps guaranteed to
  • Don’t miss this incredible free gift
  • Learn how I turned my business into/li>

Be honest with yourself each and every day. If you don’t, you may find yourself going down a path you never intended.

– David



  1. Terry Lord  August 1, 2012

    David, As long as you can ask yourself those questions, I don’t think you need to worry about the answers. You’re fine!

  2. Sue Shealy  August 1, 2012

    David, there is a sociologist who made his name (which I can’t remember right now….ah, age) in the field with the concept of Behavior as Exchange. Maybe it was George Holmans who I was learning about in 1966 (google this and you can learn more) He said that there is no such thing as altruism and that any human behavior that continues is one that give us rewards at some level. So even when we give to others, we meet a need within ourselves of feeling good about what we have done and that is the reward we get as exchange. So welcome to the human race and imagine that, since we view your postings voluntarily, we are thinking we may gain from your wisdom and at the same time you get an ego stroke. So the exchange os fair and honorable. Keep it up darlin’

  3. Kelly Crim Shrum  August 2, 2012

    Your honesty is a breath of fresh air. Thank you!

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