Day Dreaming Of Cows

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I was on my way to a meeting the other day when a meditating cow popped into my head. It wasn’t just any cow springing forth from my dreams, rather it was the cow from the Charleston based yoga center uniquely titled Holy Cow Yoga. As the visual came forth I caught a whiff of incense, felt a surge of excitement at the unique books on their studio shelves, and I began to play back some of the wonderful experiences I’ve had at the center.

There are several excellent yoga centers where I live, but it is Holy Cow Yoga that connects me to something more meaningful. It feels like home and hope.

It’s difficult to connect to people on an emotional level when it comes to one’s business, and yet, that is exactly what effective branding is all about. In essence, branding offers people a carefully-crafted context that helps them get closer to certain emotions or feelings. It connects people to higher level needs such as a sense of belonging, identity, and transformation.

In this approach to marketing, it’s the experience itself that serves as the primary source of value while the product or service becomes a mere vehicle for that experience. Holy Cow Yoga is exactly that for me personally, and it’s why I’m willing to take classes there even though it’s some 45 minutes from my home.

Let’s also consider the center’s logo and name for a moment. Both are highly memorable and offer a great framework to build off, however, they succeed because they go beyond the mere gloss and glitz. Whereas most businesses work tirelessly to come up with an effective theme/idea and then stop, Holy Cow Yoga uses the concept of the meditating cow as a launchpad for its brand. The center supports a powerful universal metaphor that a specific audience can connect with at an incredibly deep level. They do this by being clear on their values and then they work hard to offer an honest experience that’s in line with these principles.

The process adopted by Holy Cow Yoga Center isn’t necessarily deliberate, but it is genuine and real. And it’s this simple fact that gives them the foundation needed to build an effective brand.

Keep this in mind the next time you’re thinking of how to be more memorable in the hearts and minds of your audience.



  1. Ana  November 15, 2012

    Catchy logo yes. Without good service and, ultimately, without yoga it’s meaningless. Provide a good teacher and they will come. OM…

  2. Susan  November 15, 2012

    It’s the connections!

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