Connection & Emotional Equity

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When an individual or organization begins to think about marketing they’re given this fantastic opportunity to explore the edges.

  • Where do my passions lie when it comes to the work I share?
  • What do I offer that intrigues or surprises others?
  • How do people see me? vs. How do I believe others see me?
  • What’s the purpose of my work beyond the service or product?

These questions begin the process of learning how to break free from all the noise, how to operate with clarity and purpose, and how to connect in an economy that increasingly demands you do just that.

If you’re reflecting on how to grow your work I recommend taking a look at the exercise/process below. It won’t take you very long to walk through and chances are it will get you thinking about new ways to connect with your audience.

Have fun and enjoy!


Connecting Across The Entire Customer Experience

(Take a moment to think about how your clients or customers experience you and your work at different times in the connection process. And think about where you can improve!)

The Awareness Phase

How do you raise initial awareness about your products and/or services?

How do people begin to know who you are, what you offer, and why it should matter to them?


The Evaluation Phase

How do you help clients evaluate your value proposition so they choose to use your services?

Are there opportunities for people to experience your work prior to purchasing? What are they?


The Purchase Phase

How do you allow clients to purchase specific products and services?

Is the process for buying services clear, easy, and satisfying?


The Delivery Phase

How do you deliver value to clients/customers? What does it look like and are people clear on what it is?

What are some of the unique benefits people receive when using your services? (remember: little things matter!)

What are some of the unique experiences they receive while using your services? (interactions, insights, smells, sights, sounds, visuals etc.)


After the Sale Phase

How do you connect with your clients once they have purchased your services? (Are you doing more than simply offering the service? How do you address buyers guilt etc.)

What support do you offer people who have purchased your services or products?

What support do you offer people once they have stopped using your services or are no longer connected with your business? (What does connection look like once they have left? Do you keep them connected?)



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