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There will be moments when your excitement is not reciprocated. It’s that therapy group you launch that no one refers to, the workshop only two people sign up for, or the product everyone said they needed that is now gathering dust on a shelf. When this happens there is this intoxicating urge to find ways to make your audience larger or to shout louder in hopes that you’ll get the reaction you desire.

But here is where things get interesting and demand your full attention. The most successful people in their respective fields don’t spend the majority of time focusing on growing a core audience or expanding their reach. They spend time further developing their craft and finding new and inventive ways to solve problems for people. It’s this dedication and commitment to the work they love that ultimately builds the connections that create the kind of influence, attention, and success they ultimately seek.



  1. Tamara G. Suttle, M.Ed., LPC  March 20, 2013

    Hey, David! Timely advice for me! Thanks! I’m loving your graphics and just a tad envious! They are so PINNABLE!

  2. Jill Osborne  March 21, 2013

    David, Thanks for the refocusing! use the experience as a way to learn and grow and improve.

  3. Thomas Heath  March 22, 2013

    Great reminder David about what’s important to focus on!

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