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People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Simon Sinek

How do you communicate what it is you do?

My guess is you begin by sharing what it is you do and then explain how it is you accomplish those feats.

We are a counseling center that offers the very best in evidence-based practices for the treatment of depression, grief, and loss (what) delivered by some of the most experienced clinicians in the field (how).

The position above might be well intentioned, but it is not very compelling. I have no doubt there are hundreds of others who offer the very same promise.

A better way to share your work is to begin with Why?- Why do you do what you do?

Each and every one of us is filled with unlimited potential, resilience, and inner strength. Our counseling practice has dedicated itself to helping those who suffer from grief and loss, and we do this with a deep respect for each person’s suffering and unconditional support for those we serve. Dr. Smith, Nancy, and I have had the privilege of walking with hundreds of people along their unique path toward healing, and today, we are here to help you.

Understanding why gets to the core of the work you do. It makes your work real, open, refreshingly honest, and it gives you the ability to say, I see you!

If you’re looking to break free from the noise, share and live your why.


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