APPT Event

Additional Event Materials

I have provided my Powerpoint slides from the November 8th talk along with a series of interesting marketing eBooks, and several private practice sample forms I hope will prove useful for your practice. You can download them by clicking on the links below. Please feel free to contact me at 843-696-0977 or if you have any questions.

* Note: The private practice documents, forms, and articles below are samples generously provided by mental health professionals from across the United States. There may be differences in requirements from state to state that are not taken into account here. You will need to verify the appropriate use of these forms with your state licensing board and corresponding professional association.



Tips on Building a Website – Part 1

Tips on Building a Website – Part 2

ChangeTherapy eBook – Thoughts on Marketing Mental Health

Left on a Park Bench eBook – More Thoughts on Marketing MH

Unleashing the Idea Virus eBook – Getting Your Ideas Noticed

Account of Disclosures – sample form

Consent to Use Info for Tx Payment or Healthcare Ops – sample form

Denial of Access – sample form

Denial of Request for Amendment – sample form

Designated Record Set – sample form

HIPAA Checklist – sample form

Notice of Privacy Practices – sample HIPAA form

Request for Amendment of Health Info – sample form

Waiting Room – sample HIPAA form

Agreement to Pay – sample form

Client Information – sample form

CMS Health Insurance – Sample Claim Form

Confidentiality – sample form

Consent To Treat – sample form

Managed Care Contact List

Release Of Information – sample form


Working With Managed Care – Tips from the ACA

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