Food for Thought

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I had some great conversations on a recent business trip that stirred up a number of thoughts and served to reinforce some of my beliefs. Here are just a few directly related to marketing.

  • Connect with your story first and foremost. What is the ROI for this clinical service? What are the conversion rates from my webpage? These are important questions unless they become ...

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In Your Voice

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The Use of Words by Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi

“You may ask, what then is the use of words?
They set you searching and excite you to search.
The goal of searching can never be attained through words.
If that were the case, there would be no need for so much striving and passion, prayer and longing, and constant consistent self-annihilating before the glory of the ...

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What Does It Say?

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My five-year old boy came off the bus and presented his Mom with a necklace he painstakingly made that day. His eyes sparkled and his grin was wide as he looked up and watched her put it on.

Shortly thereafter she texted me this picture and I replied.

“Awww. What does it say?”

She responded, “Just a bunch ...

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Smart Selling

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The clip above is the glorified story of what we think selling looks like.  In a not too distant past, the emphasis on “pushy persistence” and power went a long way towards moving people.  Today, it’s no longer effective due, in large part, to a considerable shift in how people communicate and do business.  All of us, like it or not, are ...

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“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”  – Simon Sinek

How do you communicate what it is you do?

My guess is you begin by sharing “what” it is you do and then explain “how” it is you accomplish those feats.

“We are a counseling center that offers the very best in evidence-based practices for the treatment of depression, grief, and loss (what) ...

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A Story of Starting

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Every day I learn a little bit more about the difference between wanting and being, between trying to be different and making a difference, and between awareness and love.  The gulf between each of these is quite considerable, and if you ignore the interplay between these opposing forces you are in for quite the ride!

Yes, you want “success” now.

Yes, you want more people to take notice.

And most ...

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