Making Something Happen

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“Inspiration shows up after you make some sort of gesture.”
Bindu Wiles, Creativity Coach

Isn’t it interesting once you’ve followed that rabbit down the hole?  Bill Moyers refers to the phenomena of living your truth as being helped “by hidden hands”.  Joseph Campbell tells us when you follow your “bliss” you are put on a path that has been there all along.

This is the key to good marketing.

The problem is that self-promotion gets a very bad ...

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Going Further

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Charleston happened slowly, like a trip to the DMV.  Nearly 14 hours in and my family is defeated by traffic, fried apple pies (they used to be less painful on the stomach when I was younger), beef jerky, and an exciting vacation that had run its course.

At the stroke of midnight I decide to pass the time with a good ole fashion game of “I think I can”.  No need to pull in for the night.  I knew I could ...

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The Power of Presentations

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In a previous post I offered some presentation tips that have served me well over the years. I thought it would be a good time to review some of these points and share additional ones.

Dive in!

I used to give talks that were downright painful. I’d start with introductions, move to a review of objectives, talk about how my presentation would flow, tell you why I was presenting the material and how it would help. Then ...

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The Problem with Planning

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Questioner: “Is not gradualness the law of life?”

Maharaj: “Oh, no.  The preparation alone is gradual, the change itself is sudden and complete.  Gradual change does not take you to a new level…  You need courage to let go.”

Questioner: “But I need time to collect my courage…to ripen for action.”

Maharaj: “The entire approach is wrong.  Action delayed is action abandoned.  There may be other chances for other actions, but the present moment is lost – irretrievably lost.  All ...

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A Summer Story

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A pale green lizard is cooked by mistake, and worms become crust along the pavement.  And you?  You walk out into the heat of summer sapped of energy, hoping to fall off into a daydream.

And what’s stopping you?  Your colleagues and clients are in far off places.  There’s no one home.   Where do you find the motivation?  How do you push yourself to find new ideas and opportunity?

It’s hard.  Well…not the idea generation process.  That’s not really hard.  Giving yourself ...

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When Do You “Jump In”?

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Where do the opportunities lie?  The Gartner Hype Curve may provide some interesting answers.

The curve was designed to identify the typical life cycle for a technology product.  And while services are obviously quite different from technology products, this curve will give you an interesting way to view your marketplace.  It’s a tool that will help determine where the opportunities are and what to expect in the future.

At first there is “the idea” that arises.  It’s here that excitement ...

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