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A Summer Story

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A pale green lizard is cooked by mistake, and worms become crust along the pavement.  And you?  You walk out into the heat of summer sapped of energy, hoping to fall off into a daydream.

And what’s stopping you?  Your colleagues and clients are in far off places.  There’s no one home.   Where do you find the motivation?  How do you push yourself to find new ideas and opportunity?

It’s hard.  Well…not the idea generation process.  That’s not really hard.  Giving yourself ...

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Chasing Cars on Horseback

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“If I’d have asked customers what they wanted, they would have told me, ‘A faster horse!’ ”  -Henry Ford

In the 1920’s and 30’s, the standard form of treatment was psychoanalytic in nature, consisting of four to five sessions per week for years at a time.  Psychological problems were seen as the result of intrapsychic conflicts and unconscious motivations with an unwavering emphasis on the past.

Let’s think about this for a moment.

What insights would people have been able to provide in ...

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Finding Freedom from Your Principles

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“Forget your so-called principles, Diana!  Are you done complaining? Can we all move on with our lives now?”

Ah…sweet adolescence.  I was exposed to some form of the message above on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis.  It was my reward for being both a high school senior and team captain.

“Diana!  Your stubborness makes you dumber by the minute.”

“What is it, pride?  Why do that? Why not let it go?”

“I don’t care what you think, Diana!  Close your mouth, open your ...

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Why Buy Matching Socks?

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A therapist approached me the other day saying she was lost in uncertainty.  “I don’t know who I am anymore within the profession,” she said.  My initial response, “Good for you!  You’re one of the lucky ones.”

Now before people start throwing tomatoes my way, let me explain.  I’m well aware that uncertainty is not the most delightful of sensations.  However, I feel the alternative can be even more damaging.  Staying in your head or sticking to a pre-packaged plan ...

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An M & M Tale

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It was known as Article 126.  The infamous clause found in the touring contract for the 1980’s rock band Van Halen.  It was a textbook case of inflated egos and narcissistic personality disorders run amuck.  Or was it?

Article 126 required all host venues to place a bowl of M & M’s backstage, but with all the brown M & M’s removed.  Surprisingly, there was a method to the band’s madness.

Van Halen concerts were “over the top” performances filled ...

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When Markets Fragment

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“You have to excuse us,” Ailsa stated.  “Our Scottish accents can sometimes be difficult to understand.”

“Not at all,” I said. “I absolutely love your accents.  My all time favorite in fact!”

Marc, Ailsa and I laughed before launching into a discussion about a video idea I had for my upcoming book launch.  Thanks to Skype and Elance, I was now brainstorming with a young Scottish couple from across the pond.  We were discussing possibilities for ...

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