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Don’t Forget Your Analytics

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These days there are numerous online tools available for less than a cup of coffee, and if used wisely, they greatly enhance your web presence. Google Analytics is one such tool, and it’s power demands attention.

The bottom line is you want Google Analytics for your Website. You’re able to look at the web experience you’ve created and see what’s really happening on the inside – from identifying important market channels, to measuring your social media investment, to researching ...

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What if you found your voice?

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What if you spoke with a clarity, warmth, and genuineness that was uniquely you?
What if you ditched the low expectations, modesty, and fear of vulnerability for possibility?
What if you shared something real, and honest, and human with the people you wanted to help?
What if you stopped listening to gurus and started listening to yourself?

My guess is it would look something like this…

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“They asked us questions. ‘How much is two and one? How much is two and two?’ But the next young girl also from our city, went and they asked her, ‘How do you wash stairs, from the top or from the bottom?’ She says, ‘I don’t go to America to wash stairs.’”

– Pauline Notkoff, a Polsih Jewish immigrant in 1917, interviewed in 1985. (From my summer trip to the Ellis Island Museum)

“I don’t go to America to wash stairs.”

Imagine ...

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The Path Less Traveled

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“Perhaps the truth depends upon a walk around the lake.” – Wallace Stevens

I’ve taken quite a few walks around the lake over the years, and within that space, I’ve started to wonder…

  • When I make an effort to share with you, collaborate with others, and give of myself, am I really trying to connect? Or is it nothing more than a clever way of meeting my needs?
  • How much does re-tweeting, “friending”, and “liking” help me build a platform of significance?
  • When does ...

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Creating The News

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My clients have a lot to say but many of them come to me having chosen to remain quiet for years.  It’s easy to understand why.  Take one look at marketing today and you see all kinds of people and organizations trying to get your attention.  Some of it is genuine and done with integrity, and some of it is dreadful, self-serving noise.  One taste of the latter is enough to cause you to question the importance of actively promoting ...

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The Law of Backwardness

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I’ve seen good faith efforts and well-intentioned desire crash to the floor in explosions of shredded glass.  Was there a rhyme or reason?

There’s a law of science known as “The Law of Reversed Effort”.  It reveals to us the fact that life works in contradictions.

  • Try and stay on the surface of the water and you quickly sink.
  • Tell a person to not think about a pink elephant, and she can’t stop thinking about it.
  • The more you try to fall asleep, the ...

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