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Smart Selling

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The clip above is the glorified story of what we think selling looks like.  In a not too distant past, the emphasis on “pushy persistence” and power went a long way towards moving people.  Today, it’s no longer effective due, in large part, to a considerable shift in how people communicate and do business.  All of us, like it or not, are ...

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The Intoxicating Feeling of Being Busy

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If your business is slowing down or you feel you’ve plateaued, be mindful that the natural tendency is to obsess over sales. After all, you need more billable time! You need to hit the streets, offer special deals, sweeten the pot, and bring money in the door fast.

But before you start down that path, consider this scenario:

A therapist finds herself increasingly anxious after experiencing two months of ...

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The Intellectual Integrity of Commitment

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Drinking coffee with friends, I loved myself dearly.  We all did really.  We would talk for hours about the meaning of life, referencing Kierkegaard, Camus, Dostoevsky, or any number of courageous thinkers we admired.  And I remember looking upon issue after issue with cool detachment as if I were a scientist observing what I saw from a microscope.  We’d examine different schools of thought and discuss their ...

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Going Further

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Charleston happened slowly, like a trip to the DMV.  Nearly 14 hours in and my family is defeated by traffic, fried apple pies (they used to be less painful on the stomach when I was younger), beef jerky, and an exciting vacation that had run its course.

At the stroke of midnight I decide to pass the time with a good ole fashion game of “I think I ...

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Boxing or Ballet

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It is simply part of the human condition.  We twist oursleves around a discursive thinking process where logic and reason prevail.  Our minds ramble on and on trying to make sense of an idea, conflict or challenge.

  • Should I play it safe or be frivolous?
  • I want to do this, but maybe I’m not good enough.
  • Is the idea I have good or bad?
  • Should I sign up for boxing or ...

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Moving Mountains

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New York City…circa 1984.  Crime had overwhelmed New York at all levels.  It was chaotic, seedy, drug ridden and dangerous.  And then suddenly, in just a few short years, things changed.  By the mid 1990’s, New York had become the safest “big city” in the nation.

How?  How in the world did a large, crime infested city successfully change its fortunes?

You, like me, might believe big problems require ...

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