Marketing Services


Our marketing consulting services provide expert guidance in creating unique and engaging marketing plans.

Spark Sessions

These one and a half hour sessions give you the opportunity to ask questions, brainstorm ideas, and explore specific business opportunities and challenges.  We offer our advice and suggestions to help provide focus, new ideas, and plans of action that will get you moving quickly in a positive direction.  It is brainstorming and consulting all wrapped up in one neat little package.  

Marketing Plan Program

This program consists of four individual sessions designed to create a powerful marketing plan for you and your business.  We work on clarifying your vision, understanding your audience, and finding your unique voice/brand to build a marketing plan that will get you moving in exciting new directions.

Marketing Consulting and Website Design

We offer four marketing consultation sessions to help you gain clarity about your message and vision.  We then use this knowledge to develop a custom designed website to serve as your marketing platform! Price is determined by scope of web project.

The Virtual Marketing Department

Hire Us To Be Your Marketing Agency! Are you looking to promote and market your business but simply don’t have the time? We can help!

When you hire our team you are hiring two experienced marketing professionals who are able to not only help you define a course of action but also deliver work products and design pieces (e.g., brochures, ads, websites) that will take your marketing to a whole new level.

The cost for this service is extremely affordable (starting at $400 per month) depending on the scope of the project and the approximate number of hours required per month.  Imagine hiring your own marketing team committed to championing your business.  We take on a very small number of clients under this model to ensure we spend significant time brainstorming, consulting, designing, and delivering marketing initiatives that will help your business grow.  It is incredible what you can do when you have a team behind you!

Here are just a few examples of what this work might include:

    • Development of a unique marketing campaign that brings positive change for your business and career
    • Market research and analysis to identify marketing opportunities for your specific audience
    • Custom brand design that will get you noticed in the marketplace
    • Creative design to support your marketing efforts (e.g., brochures, mailers, postcards, web banners, ebooks, invitations
    • Grass roots outreach and research to help you identify opportunities, build partnerships, and expand your overall market reach
    • Our leadership and guidance to help drive the implementation process

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