Barbara and I want to thank you for attending the workshop!  Below are a wide variety of resources we promised to have available.  Click on the links below to download great resources for your practice.

Free eBooks

These are some of the best eBooks in the marketplace! Simply click on the links below to download each offering.  Enjoy!

The Bootstrapper’s Bible
An excellent eBook from one of the leading authorities in marketing and business development.  It contains invaluable tips on how to start your business with little to no money.

279 Days
279 days offers readers a look at an unconventional journey to success.  This eBook was originally intended for writers, however, its content is quite useful for anyone looking to grow their business.

Unleashing the IdeaVirus
This is the most downloaded eBook in history, and it offers incredible advice on how to get your ideas noticed.

Change Therapy
A series of short articles on business development ideas that will change how you work.  It is written with an eye towards the mental health professional.

Marketing Rule Book
A fun read with some powerful advice on how best to market your business.

Brand Archetyping
This is more of an article than an eBook, however, it is worth including here for its innovative look at the Branding phenomenon.  A really interesting read for mental health professionals!

Knock Knock
An eBook with great advice on what makes good web design.

Who’s There
A follow up to the eBook, Knock Knock, that takes web development to the next level with its focus on blogging and social media.


The Creative Hive Series

These workbooks take you through an effective process from beginning to end.  They contain exercises and useful information to help you develop your own marketing plan.

Creative Hive Part 1

Creative Hive Part 2


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