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“…The Grand Rapids Business Journal asked me what was the most important advice I could give to a new business owner. I told them to look up David Diana online for coaching. I believe, by far, it has been the best business investment I have made.” – Valencia Agnew

“Exceptional, wonderful help!!! When I decided to go into solo private practice, David provided coaching and a web redesign for me (actually David and Nicole did the web design–a great team and I enjoyed working with them). My practice is now booming and I am grateful I sought him out!! He is exceptional and I would recommend him and Nicole to anyone!” – Eric Ryan, PhD former Chair Anxiety Disorder Best Practices Northern California Kaiser Psychiatry.

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for all of your help. It has been so useful to bounce ideas off of you and to have a supportive listening ear. I especially admire your ability to hear where someone is coming from and help them to see the different ways that they can actualize their potential. However you do it in a way that I never felt judged , or pressured, or like it was your vision of me rather than my own. That is an Incredible gift and it is very inspiring. So, in short, thank you for that experience.

David is a great marketing consultant and coach. He is wise, caring, motivating, inspiring, persuasive, and honest. He helped me gain the confidence necessary to leap over so many hurdles. He helped me to see things clearly during a very unclear and difficult transition in my life.

“Interacting with David is like taking a shot of energy and encouragement that immediately impacts your professional identity… Potential clients and colleagues will know that you matter to him as a person, and that meeting your needs is a matter of passion rather than purse-strings.” – Stephanie Adams

“David has been an enormous asset to me as I have worked to grow my business. Not only has be brought a sense of optimism and clarity to the challenging work of assessing my practice and developing a marketing plan, he is highly insightful and has helped me to define my niche and the strengths that I bring to my work in a way that has been very affirming personally. He is warm, approachable and comes with a wide variety of resources and suggestions that has widened my view of what is possible for my business and make it fun in the process. I highly recommend his services to any professional needing coaching to find their highest potential.”
– Brooke G. Dooley, LPC

“David has the rare ability of being able to listen to the heart and soul of his clients. He is the first person in marketing who has been able to “hear” me for the true expression of myself. His marketing is first class and professional. The surprise of working with him comes with being able to clarify your service. You are able to begin building rapport with your clients before you make the first contact. This is what great marketing is all about.”
– Mac Hammet, LPC

“David is one of the most kind and inspiring marketing guys I know. I have worked with him for over a year and am most pleased with his laser-like ability to communicate what I need and what will help me with my work. He is especially gifted at helping to find the exact words to describe what it is that one has to offer. And while he is very patient, he is very clear on what needs to be done and encouraging you to get up and ‘do it’. I have loved having David and Nicole on my team. I consider them invaluable in helping me to realize my dreams.”
– Kathy Murphy, PhD



“Most importantly to me, David and Nicole are patient, highly passionate, and actively involved with their clients.”

“Through working with David, I was introduced to his gifted and talented graphic design genius-wife, Nicole. I cannot say enough positive things about her work and professionalism her design was quick and on-target with my goals; she was able to take my ideas and offer a variety of beautiful finished-products for me to choose from for my website banner. The highest compliment that I can pay her is that I am excited and looking forward to future opportunities to work with her.” – Dan Franz, LMHC, LCAC

“I have no words to express the appreciation for all that you have done to develop my “new” DBT web site. I am being contacted by potential clients due to how easy it is to find me on the internet and the information given on the site.” – Carolyn Kelly, LPC

“Putting together a website initially seemed like an impossibility to me. However, taking the workshop with David and Nicole made it all practical and doable. The banner and colors selected by Nicole were beautiful and I have gotten excellent feedback from friends and colleagues on how attractive my website is and how clearly and concisely the information is presented.” – E. Thorne, LISW



The Next Big Step workshop was the worthiest investment I have made in my private practice to-date! It has become necessary for counselors to become comfortable with the cutting-edge marketing principles that are introduced in this workshop. It is a fantastic way to begin to understand the technical world. – Amy Graham, LPC

(From the 2009 National ACA Conference in Pittsburgh, PA)

Extremely novel and useful. Could be a pre-conference learning institute!

œOne of the best workshops I have attended in 30+ years. Bring him back for a full day please!

Unbelievably inspiring, informative and helpful!

Fantastic presentation and information. David was an exceptional speaker and a wealth of knowledge. The best presentation I attended at the conference.


“Before I started reading David’s bi-weekly articles and his book, Marketing for the Mental Health Professional, I had a strong practice, but my marketing plan was lacking; therefore the consistency of clients and weekly sessions was lacking. With just a few pages taken from David’s book, my marketing plan was transformed finishing the entire volume has helped my practice tremendously…The information he provides is truly unique and of considerable value for any helping professional looking to improve their practice.”
– Dan Franz, LMHC, LCAC

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